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Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez is a scientist in the series Rick and Morty created by the film industry adult swim Rck is a fictional character at the age of 70, He was born on January 26th 1952. Rick has a daughter named Beth a son in law named Jerry, a grandson named Morty and a granddaughter named Summer. His mother’s name is Diane and he has never met his father. His life accomplishments are the portal gun. The portal gun can teleport a person anywhere to any dimension they would like to visit his other inventions are the space cruiser, neutrino, freeze ray, dream inceperator Rick is a scientist in every field of science these inventions are only some of the list of inventions. Ricks major life events are moving in with his daughter and family another event is building and destroying the council the council is a group of more Ricks and Morty from another dimension that help each other out. Rick has a large impact on most of society as he is always involving his family with strange crazy inventions that sometimes put them all in danger and get them hurt. Ricks historical significance is that his family will remember him forever as he has a brilliant mind and can make crazy cool stuff. Rick and Morty <font 11pt/Calibri,sans-serif;;#0563c1;;inherit></font>


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